Crispy Polenta Cakes

By on March 15, 2015

A breakfast treat for sure.  Crispy polenta cakes- a little crunch outside, a little creamy inside…


Three parts milk to one part coarsely ground cornmeal.  Milk heated with a knob of butter, some white pepper and sea salt.  Cornmeal poured in, lots of stirring.  Let go for a good 20 mins.  Beat in some heavy cream.  Maybe some grated cheese if you are feeling that.  Pour into a casserole dish and let chill.

When ready for your awesome fantastic brunch, cut up the chilled polenta into squares, circles or unicorns.  Into hot non-stick with a pour of olive oil.  Crisp and flip, crisp and serve.  Hey polenta.  How you doin’

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