Moonshine Bloody Mary with Bacon Cube

By on February 18, 2013



Here’s a bloody that’ll sear a hole right through your Sunday morning. Garnished with a bacon cube! What’s not to love.


Now there are two schools of thought on bloodies. Regular vodka, gently garnished with a celery stalk, or maybe a carrot stick if it’s getting crazy.  


And then there’s the rest of us – rolling with tequila, absinthe, pepper vodka, and/or limoncello — and our bloodies lean more toward boozy salad than cocktail.  Olives, fennel, pepperoncini, spicy green beans, cucumber batons. Pickled okra. Cippolini onions.  Chunks of provolone.  


So it’s a long weekend, what better time for a bloody.  Got some moonshine hanging around from when we did the moonshine lemonade.  And a hunk of slab bacon.  I spy a bloody getting itself together…


The bacon cubes were pretty easy, fashioned from the thick end of a piece of slab bacon, seared nicely on each side. Skewered warm with a bamboo pick, balanced atop the zombie glass.


And the White Lightning gives a nice little burn to the proceedings.


p.s.  Don’t make a whole lot of plans for later. 









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  1. Natalie @ The Devil Wears Parsley

    February 25, 2013

    Moonshine bloodies? Man, you don’t mess around! Lovin’ the bacon cube. I’m definitely part of the ‘boozy salad’ camp too.

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