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Nina’s Bruschetta Chicken Thighs

By on April 14, 2018

Here’s a great one re-created from a lovely dinner party courtesy Nina and Hank.   It’s exactly what you would think, and so nice – bruschetta toppings sautéed together with crispy skinned chicken thighs atop.

S&P chicken thighs, olive oil into pan.  Skin side down for 5 mins or so until nice and crispy.  Remove chicken, hold to the side (skin up).  More olive oil into the pan, then some chopped onion, garlic and maybe some thinly sliced fennel, all with S&P.   Seeded plum tomatoes, an orange or yellow pepper.  Sliced black olives and artichoke hearts. Let it go for a bit, place chicken on top skin up and into 375º oven until chicken is done.   If things are looking dry during the process, hit the pan with some vino or stock.   Finish with some cracked pepper and chiffonade of basil or fennel fronds, serve with a nice crusty bread and a full tumbler of red Italian table wine –


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