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Pro’s and Go’s – a Sweet Treat and a Savory Treat

By on April 20, 2014

Profiteroles and Gougeres: same start, different end.  A choux paste base, unique as twice cooked – once on stovetop and again in oven. First the gougeres –the base dough plus finely grated Gruyère cheese mixed in, and topped with grated Romano.  Perfect cheesy puffs, served warm alongside chilled Champs:




One for you? Get in there, the Tot’s tearing through them…




Profiteroles – basic dough plus an extra good pinch of sugar.  After piped and baked, filled with pasty cream or sliced and sandwiched with a small scoop of ice cream.  The tops dipped in melted chocolate:


The Tot piping in the pastry cream…


p.s. email me if you want the recipes…  

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