Hey Brûlée

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Here’s a dessert classic for your holiday week…

7 egg yolks, mixed with 2/3 C sugar, whipped up until lightened — “blanchir”
3 C heavy cream
1 C whole milk
Scrape in 1 vanilla bean, throw in scraped pods
Mix up with a whisk, let sit for a while, overnight if you can wait
Remove pods, pour mixture into 6-8 custard or brûlée dishes
Onto cookie sheet, into 350º oven, add water into the cookie sheet
50-60 minutes until just set, remove and let cool
When ready for service, torch some turbinado sugar on top – click here to see short vid
Garnish with something colorful – here some candied cranberries

Happy holidays!

Garnish Fail Haiku

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crunchy sugar crust


spoons poised to tap and crackle  


white top fail butts in


















Not sure what I was thinking here, really.  Just cutting off the tops would have saved the whole thing.