The Thanksgiving Menu 2016

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And here’s the plan….  


Brussels Sprouts (Raw!!) and Candied Pecans

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We spent this Thanksgiving with family at my cousin’s house (thanks S&E!), and my assignment was bringing brussels sprouts.   The thing about brussels sprouts — great just out of the oven, but on a re-heat the luster is lost.   And not wanting to crowd E’s kitchen on the biggest/busiest food day of the year, here’s the solution — raw:  


Shred the sprouts super-thin on a mandoline (not the stringed instrument).   Toss with a mustard vinaigrette, candied spicy pecans and dried sweetened cranberries.  Easy, festive-looking, and a pleasing result.  Recipes for the dressing and pecans are below…


Vinaigrette:  Three parts extra virgin olive oil, one part red wine vinegar.  A squeeze of dijon mustard, a little squirt of agave nectar.  Salt and pepper.   Mix until thick and emulsified.  Taste.  Adjust.   Toss with shredded sprouts and dried cranberries just before service.

Candied Spicy Pecans:  Melt a couple tablespoons of butter with a good squeeze of agave nectar.  Add kosher salt and a generous amount of cayenne pepper.  Toss with pecans, roast on a cookie sheet lined with parchment at 250º for a couple hours.  Let cool completely and toss with just-dressed sprouts.    

Thanksgiving in Pictures – Some Highlights

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Gobble Gobble!  A big day here at Gotham Home Table.  

The menu, developed over the course of several generations, is somewhat fixed.   Old standbys include mashed potatoes ‘with’ — with sour cream, butter, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and white pepper.   Stuffing ‘with’, as in with sausage. We used to have ‘without’ and ‘with-with’ for each of those — permutations since sidelined. We also have ‘The Broccoli Thing’ a 50’s era casserole.  I haven’t updated yet so there is (shudder) canned goods and frozen vegetables involved in that bad boy, but it’s really quite tasty.  Then there’s green beans almandine, in honor of my brother-in-law, and stuffed dates.  Corn muffins, a recipe from the Wayside Inn, which my mother puts together and packs in her suitcase. But some dishes didn’t make the cut this year:  

  • Parsnip/Carrot Mash (yummy, just forgot to do that one)
  • Cubed Rutabaga (only my dad really appreciated the virtuous Rutabaga)
  • Brussels Sprouts (did these for a dinner a couple nights later)
  • Creamed Onions (sorry Fred)

The Table  



The Oysters – my Nephew and I demolished these mere seconds later:


Kale Soup garnished with Soy Nuts and Goat Cheese (a new addition):


Crispy Sage Leaves to garnish the Turkey, with some Fried Shallots in the background:

And a Mince-Meat Pie – everyone pitched in to make the little leaves (p.s. there is no meat in mince-meat pie anymore):

Next week – the Turkey Money Shot…