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Family Meal Kids

Fresh Egg Pasta with Sage Browned Butter

By on December 13, 2015

Fresh pasta – easier than expected.  Particularly when you have the kid make it.   Flour – two cups.  Eggs – two whole plus four yolks.  A good pinch of salt.   Make a well with the flour – eggs and salt in the middle. Beat with fork, slowly incorporate.  Knead…


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Brunch Kids

Torched Ruby Red Grapefruit with Mint

By on March 11, 2012

Knocking off dishes we’ve liked at restaurants is a fun little challenge.  Here’s a riff on a dish we had at Pulino’s on the Bowery.   Nothing too complicated, but oh so good…
The Goods:

Ruby Red Grapefruit
Unrefined Cane Sugar
Fresh Mint

The Execution:
Stack a few mint leaves on top of each other….


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Kids and Food – Four Things I Believe

By on February 11, 2012

When the little one presented herself, instructions weren’t included.  So we read a lot and spoke to relatives/friends/doctors.  And aside from some fairly basic (mostly safety-related) tenets, turns out nobody agrees on anything.   Let cry vs. don’t let cry.  Crib vs. your bed.  Antibiotics vs. no antibiotics.  So…

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